DOUBLEPLAY SUPERBET™  is a 25 line 5 reel video slot that gives players more gameplay choices than ever before!

Players can choose to ENHANCE reels (1 – 5) with a X3X6 or X9 WILD MULTIPLIER, creating DOUBLE the gameplay benefits!

With glimmering animations, improved win indication and win celebration, this game will appeal to all players who enjoy winning big.

The core design of DOUBLEPLAY SUPERBET™ allows players to enhance more than one area of gameplay, and in more than one way.

We couldn’t decide whether to apply a ‘More Frequent Wilds‘ enhancement or a ‘More Valuable Wilds‘ enhancement, so we added both!

The resulting design has become a new genre of awesome!

The theme is kept simple so you can concentrate on the choices available that offer big wins.



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