About Us

NextGen Gaming is one of the world’s leading independent suppliers of innovative games to the gambling industry.MarkCrocker-Headshot-Colour01

NextGen Gaming has led the market in delivering hundreds of exceptional games with proven performance and game longevity for our partners and our players.

Founded in 1999, NextGen Gaming pioneered platform-independent content delivery and to this day we have always maintained a vision to focus on quality game content and to continue to push the envelope as innovators.

Our belief is to build games with integrity, in collaboration and to provide end-to-end support in all of our services. These principles have provided us with maturity and longevity within our industry and a reputation to consistently deliver sustainable value to our partners and clients.

Our people do more than just create content. As part of the global talent pool that NYX Gaming Group offers, the team at NextGen Gaming bring an impressive range of technical skills and diversity of cultures which constantly provide inspiration, innovation and a level of quality that are reflected in our games.

As a company we empower our people in everything we do and always strive to continue to learn, grow and improve so that we can continue to lead in delivering games that surpass the best the industry has to offer.

Mark Crocker – General Managerfox_minion

Delivering Great Games – Art or Science?

The question ‘What makes a great game?‘ is one that is constantly asked in our industry. If the answer was simple, it just wouldn’t be as much fun.

At NextGen Gaming we believe that maintaining the balance between innovation and the ‘proven fundamentals’ is the key to success. NextGen Gaming provides an environment that encourages our team to continually push the boundaries. Combining this innovation with our many years of experience results in successful games time and time again.


Balancing Creativity with Structure

Our focus is always on player enjoyment. But this is effectively our second point of sale. In the end we are a business that delivers to businesses and we need to have the processes and procedures in place to ensure that we deliver exceptional games on time.

We ensure tasks are assigned to the relevant departments and that the output is quality assured. This balancing of creativity and structure is a major challenge. At NextGen Gaming we have a two-pronged approach. Apart from giving all of our artists significant leeway to express their creativity we also have a dedicated ‘Product  Team’ whose primary role is to think up new and exciting ways to enhance the player experience. All of our teams work together to ensure our games are the best in the industry and this is why our partners return to us time and time again.

NextGen provides an end-to-end gaming partnership

We will work with you to understand what you are trying to achieve. We will share our expertise with your team and in partnership we will deliver targeted themes with a range of math models. We will share our market experiences from different global jurisdictions highlighting what has worked and what has not.


What NextGen Gaming offers your organisation:

  • Collaborative Partnership model
  • Breadth of player knowledge and delivery capability
  • Our Game Innovation Team
  • Our catalogue of proven games

Gameplay Enhancements

NextGen Gaming are known for features that delight all types of players by providing unique gameplay enhancements. These enhancements add a level of excitement to the game, creating long-term repeat play. Making NextGen Gaming games a favourite amongst players and operators alike.


SuperBet™ games unlock new features or enhancements with a small additional bet (ante). Games can also be played with regular bets without disadvantage but with Super Bet, extra free games and/or higher win multipliers are unlocked.

Select-a-Play™ games offer players a choice of free game types. A typical choice of free games could be a high number of free games with a lower win multiplier vs. a low number of free games with a higher multiplier. The Gameplay benefit is that the players effectively set their own game volatility and play at their own preferred style.

Up Wild™ is a feature that offers incredible increasing intensity. With each spin of the reels watch as the wild makes it’s way vertically up the reel leaving extra wilds in its wake. If that wasn’t enough, Up Wild™ only requires one symbol to trigger!

Slide a Wild™ is a NextGen patented game feature where the player has manual control over the placement and behaviour of certain symbols, in this case the wild (or substitute) symbol. Gameplay benefits are the player effectively sets their own game volatility and play at their own preferred style.SuperBet-Logo72dpiSelectAPlay-Logo-72dpiUpWild-Logo-72dpiSlideAWild-72dpi


In summary, we have the pedigree to partner with your organisation. We have the delivery capability to deliver exceptional game performance and game longevity that translates into profit for your organisation and a great experience for your players.